Coworking time (existing members)

As we continue to navigate through what has become our new norm, here at The Forum we have to continue to adapt to make sure your safety remains our top priority. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, we are now requiring that all members pre-book their coworking time. This allows us to be able to better plan and make sure everyone is able to safely social distance while enjoying your coworking experience.

We have made this a VERY EASY process. Below is the scheduling link, which will also be added to our website this week. You'll notice that the booking time increments are in 2 hours, however you are allowed to book multiple time increments if available and needed. Once, you complete your reservation, you'll receive any follow up information via email and text. 

Schedule your coworking day (s) here

Guest passes are still available! Guest passes must be purchased in advance and are based upon availability. Please email or call (404) 474-0222 to purchase guest passes.